Who’s wearing a “False Face” in this week’s episode of “Empire”?

FOX(NEW YORK) — Wednesday night’s episode of Empire, titled “False Face,” begins with Cookie finding the courage to approach Poundcake’s daughter, Maya, whom Cookie finds in a dance studio doing ballet. Cookie tells her that Empire is holding auditions for dancers and invites her to come try out. 

Here are some other highlights from the show: 

– Eddie throws Tiana a surprise party to present her a with plaque for being number one on the Pop and R&B charts. 

– After dropping out of “20 for 20,” Jamal conspires to create an artist collective of his own with Tory Ash.  

– Eddie’s ex-wives, Celeste, Monique and Giselle, all confront Eddie, which causes a business meeting to go sour. Eddie soon finds out that Lucious caused the disastrous affair. Eddie then sets up a meeting with Shine.

– Cookie holds her dance rehearsals and Maya nails it. However, Tiana isn’t too impressed, which sets Cookie off. Cookie tells Maya that she knows her real mom and tells her she’s dying. Maya doesn’t want to meet her.  

– Eddie and Lucious have a showdown in the studio.  

– Tiana and Hakeem have an argument, with Hakeem telling her she won’t let Eddie control her like a puppet and Tiana saying that making up with Hakeem was a mistake. 

– Cookie tells Lucious that they will find a way to exact revenge on Eddie. Cookie and Lucious find secret files that show a promising young starlet took her own life while being groomed by Eddie years ago and use these to blackmail Eddie. 

– Cookie visits Poundcake in the hospice. She lies to Poundcake, telling her that she didn’t find her daughter.  

– Eddie and Anika join forces to battle the Lyons. Anika tells Eddie that when they are through with their master plan, she will be CEO of Empire.

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