Who’s got that “Lean and Hungry Look” on this week’s episode of “Empire”?

FOX(NEW YORK) — This week’s episode of Empire, called “A Lean and Hungry Look,” begins with Lucious surprising Cookie with a prototype of a 360-degree sensory experience of what fans could see with every Empire album going forward. Cookie is also surprised with a “Welcome Back” to Empire party. 

Here are some other highlights: 

— Hakeem and Blake work on a new track together. Eventually, Shine, played by Xzibit, takes over the mic to show off his lyrical skills.

— Cookie tells Tiana that Eddie is no longer a part of Empire. 

— Cookie tries to convince Maya to pay a visit to her mom, Poundcake. Maya refuses. Cookie finds Maya at a dance studio and attempts to convince her a second time to visit her birth mom, because she saved her life in prison. Maya agrees. Both she and Poundcake see each other for the first time in hospice as Poundcake lays dying in her bed. 

— Leonard tells Andre that the board is very concerned about Eddie’s departure from Empire. 

— Becky confronts Jamal about his secret music project. He asks her to keep quiet about it. 

— Thirsty tells Lucious that he’s found Eddie and asks him if he wants to meet up with him. Lucious agrees and asks Shine if he should give Eddie the “Philly treatment” or a less violent tactic to get him away from Empire for good. As they wait for Eddie, Shine realizes that Eddie is coming and Lucious set him up. Lucious reveals that he knows about Shine’s master plan. One of Lucious’ associates then kills Shine.

— Anika sits down with the board members to talk about Eddie’s track record with Empire. Tiana is present at the meeting; both try to convince the board that Eddie is needed back at Empire.  

— Cookie visits her mom, played by Alfre Woodard.

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