Weinstein Company finds buyer as Harvey Weinstein faces new allegations of sexual assault

TWC(NEW YORK) — The Weinstein Company has named Lantern Capital as the wining buyer of the company, while its co-founder is facing new allegations of sexual assault.

The company announced Tuesday that Lantern Capital won the bankruptcy sale, paying $310 million and an additional $115 million for project-based liabilities, Variety reports. 

“Lantern’s bid clearly achieves the highest and best value for the estate and its creditors,” Ivona Smith, a  board member, said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Lantern to close the transaction and consummate the going concern sale.”

Five plaintiffs who are accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault said the company should take Broadway producer Howard Kagan’s bid instead because it offers $30 million for Weinstein’s victims. The company said while the bid did offer benefits for victims, it lacked financial commitment. 

Amidst the announcement, Marco Polo producer Alexandra Canosa has added her name to the long list of women Weinstein allegedly abused, accusing him of sexual and physical assault, according to Variety

Canosa says Weinstein threatened her career and forced her into sexual situations, including oral sex. The incidents took place over the course of five years.

“On many occasions,” Canosa’s attorneys wrote in her complaint, “Harvey Weinstein insisted on meeting with Plaintiff in isolated environments for business purposes, made sure that no other persons or bystanders were around when having business meetings with plaintiff, demanded sexual contact, and threatened plaintiff if she would not give him what he wanted, and forcing himself on plaintiff despite repeated requests to stop.” 

Canosa filed a complaint in court Monday, chronicling Weinstein’s abuse. 

“Harvey Weinstein created an environment in which there was no choice but to do his bidding or suffer dire consequences both physically and to plaintiff’s career,” Canosa’s attorneys wrote.

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