Watch Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding hit it off in the holiday rom-com future classic, ‘Last Christmas’

Universal Pictures(LOS ANGELES) — Everyone has those holiday movies they watch on repeat during the holidays — we’re looking at you, Love, Actually, A Christmas Story and Die Hard — but the new trailer for a new film, Last Christmas, makes it seem as though it’s ready to take its place alongside those classics.

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke and Crazy Rich Asians standout Henry Golding star in the romantic comedy, which was directed by Bridesmaids‘ Paul Feig and co-written by Love, Actually‘s Emma Thompson, who also appears as Clarke’s mom. 

The Emmy-nominated Clarke plays Kate, who works — hardly — as an elf in a seasonal Christmas shop in London run by Golding’s Crazy co-star Michelle Yeoh.

“I have nicknamed her Lazy the Elf, because she never works,” Yeoh’s character says.

By chance, Kate runs into Golding’s Tom — and runs into him again and again. He’s a soup kitchen volunteer who Kate jokes should have “saint” tattooed on his forehead, and to Kate, he’s too good to be true.

“Are elves always this cynical?” he asks. “Relentlessly,” she snarks. “These are dark times.”

Kate eventually shares that she had a brush with death that shook her up — just like Clarke, who in real life suffered near-fatal brain hemorrhages.

“I’m just scared all the time,” Kate confesses tearfully. “They just expect me to be normal and get on with life.”

“There’s no such thing as normal,” Tom says, cradling her head in his lap. “Just being a human being is hard.”

But as you’ve probably guessed, the magic of the season — together with a soundtrack populated by George Michael hits like “Last Christmas” and “Freedom” — help bring the unlikely pair together.

The movie opens November 8.

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