Two remaining defendants involved in Blacksmith Fork incident plead guilty – Cache Valley Daily

LOGAN — The trial against two men charged with harassing a Box Elder County family at a campsite in Blacksmith Fork Canyon in May 2018 has been canceled, after both defendants pleaded guilty. The two defendants, 22-year-old Wyatt D. Pack and 43-year-old Cory B. Durney, both waived their rights to a fair trial and accepted plea agreements.

Court staff report, Pack and Durney appeared in 1st District Court Tuesday morning for a final pre-trial conference. Pack pleaded guilty to attempted riot and theft by extortion both class A misdemeanors; and attempted use of a dangerous weapon in a fight, a class B misdemeanor. Durney pleaded guilty to attempted riot and attempted assault, both class A misdemeanors. As part of the deal, prosecutors dropped the remaining charges against both men.

On May 25, 2018 the Caballero family had vehicle trouble while towing a trailer in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. They found a pull out where they called for help to tow their disabled truck and their camper.

The Caballeros were in a spot on public land where the defendants had already placed their trailer, ahead of a planned Memorial Day camping trip. As the family waited for help, the group arrived at the campsite.

A video showed Pack yelling at the Caballeros and demanding they move their truck. He was seen berating the family, at one point asking if the father was deaf and demanding he move the truck immediately. He swore repeatedly and at one point said he would move the truck for $40.

Pack eventually towed the disabled truck down the canyon and a friend arrived to tow the trailer away from the campsite.

In December, the three other adults involved accepted plea deals, pleading “no contest” to an amended count of attempted riot, a class A misdemeanor. As part of the agreement, the remaining charges against them were dropped and their pleas were held in abeyance for one year.

During Tuesday’s court appearance, Judge Angela Fonnesbeck scheduled sentencing for Pack and Durney on March 23. They could each face up to one-year in jail.

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