The new Fab Five of “Queer Eye” gearing up for Season 2

Netflix(LOS ANGELES) — After pulling off eight radical makeovers in Georgia in its first season, the “Fab Five” of Queer Eye will soon be back for another round.

The Netflix reboot of the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy TV series, which broke ground with its cast of openly gay men when it first appeared on television in 2003, brings with it a mix of a little social awakening and a side of sass.

“Back then [with the original show], people were accepting of gays if they were decorators and cooks and fashion. But god forbid, any of them would’ve been like, ‘My husband’ or ‘my children’ on the show. It wasn’t accepted then,” Fab Five member Bobby Berk told Nightline. “So I really wanted to bring that part of our lives into mainstream.” 

“It’s so important to see [LGBTQ] people that are married. I love that story. I used to lose so much sleep. I was like, ‘Will that ever be allowed?'” Van Ness told Nightline.

Like in the original show, each cast member has a specialty. Berk focuses on home; Antoni Porowski, food and wine; Karamo Brown is the culture expert; Jonathan Van Ness, grooming; and Tan France is the personal stylist.  

The old title, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, was also changed to Queer Eye to make the show “more inclusive,” Berk said.

The Fab Five’s personal stories have resonated with younger fans, many of whom find they can relate to the show’s stars.

“I grew up so severely bullied and so severely aware of how I was. [I was] really, really overweight. My hair was this wide, Van Ness said. “So many people have said to me, like, ‘Thank you for looking, being different.'”

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