“The Bold Type” cast teases more love triangles — and love squares — in season two

Freeform/Philippe Bosse(NEW YORK) — Love triangles – and squares – abound on this season of The Bold Type, with the characters’ entanglements growing even more complicated in the coming episodes.

On last week’s episode, we saw Jane torn between her new love interest, Dr. Ben, and her ex from last season, Ryan, a.k.a. “Pinstripe.” Tonight’s episode features Pinstripe once again popping into Jane’s life, giving her a lead for a potential new job.

“Jane last season broke up with him because she said she wanted monogamy and he couldn’t give that to her, even though he never said those words,” Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, tells ABC Radio. “It’s gonna be interesting because she kinda starts falling for this other person but then there’s this person that she has history with that continues to show up for her.”

Jane’s pal Sutton, meanwhile, meets a new guy while enjoying the single life – but that doesn’t mean her love triangle from last season is going away. We’ll be seeing more of her relationship with her boss, Richard, played by Sam Page, and co-worker Alex, played by Matt Ward.

“Being a part of a love triangle, things are never resolved!” Ward says. “…I think I was pushing for the ‘Salex’ and possibly ‘Salex’ could be returning. Spoiler alert?”

Page adds, “The relationships in the show feel very real because nothing’s ever just clean-cut and packaged like that. It’s messy like life is and love triangles, what’s messier than that? A love square.” 

The Bold Type airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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