The livestock show and auction on Thursday was one of the highlights of this year’s Box Elder County Fair.

TREMONTON – The Box Elder County Fair this year is different due to the pandemic, but the livestock shows still brought some crowds and the food booths were busy at meal time.

Ten year-old Gracie Earl of Fielding shows her steer Moose on Thursday at this year’s Box Elder County Fair.

This year’s theme is “Where Generations Share the Magic.”

Except for the food vendors, not many people were wearing masks Thursday afternoon.

Jamie Warner of Elwood was one of several girls on call to wipe down tables with a spray bottle and cloth sanitizing them to keep them clean.

Ronda Mak waited patiently for a paper plate stacked with six inches of ribbon fries. When the plate finally came she smiled all the way to her table.

Rick and Susan Roche look over a painting of horses at the Box Elder County Fair on Thursday.

Mark Nicholas of Honeyville was sporting a pressed shirt and straw hat just taking in all the sights and sounds of the fair.

Rich and Susan Roche of Elwood took some time to look over one of the paintings in the Home Arts building.

Having no carnival, no concerts, no commercial booths or exhibits made the ground look pretty bare. But the livestock show and auctions did attract crowds in the indoor arena with the live stream.

Rhonda Mak shows the ribbon fries she bought for a snack at the Box Elder County Fair on Thursday.

Cheryl Howe who was over the Home Arts at the Fair was impressed with the livestock live feed. She went over to watch a relative show their steer.

“The show and the online auction went well; we really liked the live steam camera,” Howe said. “You could watch from your house if you wanted. We had relatives in Florida watching it live.”

She said the fair went as well as expected.

“Home Arts entrees were down,” said Kris Hansen, director over Mini Crafts. Shauni Hiland was the director over junior crafts.

Crowds were sparse at this years Box Elder County Fair on Thursday afternoon.

“Last year we had over 400 entries in one division and this year we had 70 entries,” said Hiland.

There were no outside judges this year. The judging was left to people attending the fair.

Because of COVID-19, the fair had to be modified, but over the years it has been a huge tradition in Box Elder County. And the hope is next year it will return to normal.

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