‘The Bachelorette: Men Tell All’ recap: tears, attacks and apologies

ABC/Paul Hebert(NEW YORK) — Becca Kufrin reunited with her scorned lovers on Monday night’s Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode, during which the ex-suitors revisited old feuds and talked old flames.

At the top of the show the men immediately started jumping at each other’s throats. Many of the suitors called out Jean Blanc for the infamous moment this season when he told Becca he loved her and then instantly took it back. When the guys started yelling at him on stage, Jean Blanc gave Colton a deep cut by mocking his virginity. 

“You acting like a p**** but you never f***ed,” Jean Blanc yelled, while Colton responded, “You’re going to be disrespectful on top of disingenuous.”

More drama ensued when the conversation turned to male model Jordan, who’s been criticized for being a “clown” and not taking the journey seriously. When he took the hot seat next to host Chris Harrison, he said he doesn’t understand why the men hated him so much; he was just being his confident self. 

As for the famous golden undies that enraged the bachelors throughout the season, Jordan revealed he was wearing them on the reunion show, and even gave the audience a little peek. 

Next to take center stage was someone who spent very little time on the show but still made quite the impact: Grocery Store Joe. He was sent home the first night but social media blew up with praise of the relatively quiet man. Even so, he confessed he was embarrassed to be among the very first cut.  

“It was pretty bad. I went home right away. It really went, like, horrible,” Joe said.

Wills was the next bachelor to talk about his emotional journey with Becca. Through tears, he explained that he really loved her and was surprised when she sent him home just a few weeks ago. In the end, however, he said he can completely “understand and respect” Becca’s decision. 

Colton jumped into the spotlight next to talk about his tumultuous journey. He explained that he was blindsided by the Tia revelation but has been mostly dealing with the backlash from speaking about how he’s a virgin at age 26 — including some people questioning his masculinity. 

“That hurts because when I hear that I believe it,” he said with his voice cracking. “I feel like people think I am less of a man because of that, and that’s the hardest thing for me to hear.”

From one broken heart to the next: Jason took the hot seat next to tell his teary-eyed story. He said he felt as if he and Becca had a connection that was like anything else and was completely thrown off when she sent him home. But he does have one thing going for him: according to Becca, he’s an amazing kisser. 

Finally, Becca, came on stage and confronted all the men she sent home just a few months ago. She started by giving some closure to both Colton and Jason, explaining that they are both great men and everything they did was perfect — but she had to follow her heart.

Next, Jean Blanc came down from his seat to formally apologize to Becca for their last conversation together.  “I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want to save face. It was just a moment where I wanted to do everything to get what we had back,” he explained. “I just wanted to say sorry, Becca.”

Jean Blanc wasn’t the only one apologizing. Chris, who went on a downward spiral mid-season, also apologized to Becca for his chaotic behavior. 

“I also feel like I disrespected you and you didn’t deserve that. I just want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart for that,” said Chris just as he brought out the same choir he had with him on the first impression night. This time, though, they sang different lyrics: “Chris was a jerk. Chris was a jerk. Chris just wants to say sorry, sorry.”

Not in attendance were Becca’s final two suitors: Garrett and Blake. To see whom she chooses, tune in to The Bachelorette next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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