‘The Bachelorette’ finale recap: In an emotional finale, Becca chooses her fiancé

Becca and Garrett; ABC/Paul Hebert(NEW YORK) — From 28 suitors, to one. After weeks of heartbreak, laughter, squabbling and tears, Becca Kufrin faced her final two suitors on Monday night’s live, three-hour Bachelorette finale. During the emotional episode, Becca chose Garrett Yrigoyen as the man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life. 

Her choice was between Garrett, the man for whom she slowly fell, and Blake Horstmann, the man she said she fell in love with from day one. 

The finale started in the Maldives with the last two suitors meeting Becca’s family. Garrett really opened up with Becca’s sister, crying and explaining that he will be there for Becca no matter how difficult life gets. Blake stumbled through the meeting when he realized Garrett may have a strong chance with Becca too.

“She’s totally going to choose Garrett,” Blake said, nervously to camera. 

After meeting both men, Becca sat down her family and asked them what they think. They explained that Blake seems to be a partner that will really challenge her. While Garrett, her family said, would be a bigger risk, he still seems like he would be a great father and partner. An already tearful Becca told her mom that it will come down to “who I can’t see my life without.”

Next, Becca took Garrett on their last one-on-one date together. After going for a dip near the equator and spotting dolphins, the two got serious about their relationship. Garrett explained that he never wants to lose her.  “I will choose you every single day,” he said.

Then it was Blake’s last one-on-one with Becca, and the two went for a bike ride around the Maldives. After a quick paddleboard ride, the two talked about how the upcoming decision is really hard for Becca.

Later that night, Blake gave Becca a “time capsule” of their relationship, which included pictures from their journey together. At the end of the date, Becca said she can’t imagine saying goodbye to Blake at the end of the show. “I could see Blake standing in front of me, professing his love to me, and me professing it back,” she said. 

But everything took a shocking turn the next day. After choosing their engagement rings, Blake and Garrett met Becca for the biggest climax of the entire season. 

First to arrive was Blake, who confessed his love for her one last time. But Becca told him “there’s one piece with somebody else that I’m not ready to say goodbye to yet.” In other words, she’d chosen Garrett.

“There’s a better fit for us out there,” Becca said, despite telling Blake she always imagined he would be the guy she’d marry at the end of their journey. 

At the live finale party with host Chris Harrison, Becca and Blake reunited for the first time to discuss that confusing day in the Maldives, with Blake asking what went wrong and why she decided to go with Garrett instead of him. Becca explained that it wasn’t one specific moment, just that she saw something more with Garrett. She also mentioned that Blake would get in his head too much, especially when the situation got difficult.

In the end, Blake said he has no ill feelings for Becca. “I feel so lucky and so fortunate that you were my bachelorette because I honestly can’t imagine anybody else.”

Then it was time to cut back to the Maldives for Becca to tell Garrett that he’s the man she chose to spend forever with. 

“I’ve been waiting to say this to the right person. I’ve been holding back because I wanted to be 1,000 percent certain,” she said. “Garrett Vincent Yrigoyen, I love you. I love you so much.”

In response, Garrett got down on one knee and proposed, and Becca eagerly said yes. 

Back at the live finale, Becca and Garrett made their first public appearance together as a couple, telling Chris Harrison that they’ve been very happy and are still getting to know each other. However, they did run into a hurdle when news reports surfaced about Garrett’s questionable and offensive social media activity. Garrett apologized again for his past behavior, while Becca explained that she never thought about ending their relationship over it but she’s happy Garrett is learning and growing from the situation.

In the end, Becca and Garrett said they’re happy to just do normal things together, like heading to “Costco or a pet store.” Even though there are no plans for a wedding yet, they’re expecting to move in together soon.

A seemingly perfect ending to an eventful season.

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