‘Siberia’ shows a different side of Keanu Reeves, says director Matthew Ross

Saban Films(NEW YORK) — Keanu Reeves finds revenge is a dish served as cold as the Russian region that shares its name in his new movie Siberia. The film, which hits theaters and video-on-demand today, has the John Wick star playing an American diamond dealer who gets in over his head with some supremely unsavory clients.

While John Wick would be well-equipped to deal with a deal gone bad, Reeves’ character Lucas Hill has no armor — ballistic or otherwise: although married, he falls hard for an alluring Russian woman (Ana Ularu) entangling them both in this dangerous world.

Siberia director Matthew Ross tells ABC Radio of Reeves: “He’s been in the cultural zeitgeist for you know, 35 years…And I think only on occasion…have directors really explored this more sensitive, vulnerable side to him.”

“He’s this great stoic actor — especially in the John Wick movies, especially in the Matrix movies — but I sort of wanted to peel the onion a little bit on the stoicism and see what was underneath.”

The thriller’s dark tone is worlds away from one of former journalist Ross’ career milestones: helping craft “Palestinian Chicken,” arguably one of Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s best episodes.

The episode had Larry David, his manager Jeff, and other Jewish Los Angelinos cheating on their political beliefs with the food at a particular chicken joint.

Ross, who became a story consultant on the show, recalled, “I kind of weaseled my way into a dinner at Larry’s house…We just hit it off immediately, and we were just watching the Knicks you know…drinking some wine, and then eventually, I kind of…got up the courage to pitch a couple of ideas to him. And he ended up liking ’em.”

“And we’re friends to this day,” he laughs.

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