Sherri Shepherd says she’s very much like her ‘Trial & Error’ character

Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros/NBCSherri Shepherd makes her return tonight on NBC’s crime mockumentary, Trial & Error, where she will once again play researcher and paralegal Anne Flatch, a woman who suffers from various disorders.

During the first season, Shepherd’s character took on a new affliction each week, like such real-life disorders as randomly speaking with a British accent, walking backwards, and being diagnosed with alien hand syndrome–where your hand essentially tries to kill you. Going into this season– with a new murder mystery to solve– Shepherd tells ABC Radio, they’ll be plenty more disorders for her to take on.

“Second season, I’ve Jumping Frenchman of Maine syndrome,” she says. “If I’m startled I will jump ten feet in the air. I have random dog hearing so I can hear things that bats hear. If I drink too much I’m a human combustible. So I will set myself on fire involuntarily.”

She continues, “It’s so many disorders. I go temporarily blind. Every time I look at the script, I go, “OK here’s something new.”

Although her quirky character seems very much unlike the bubbly comedian, Shepherd says she and Anne actually do have a lot in common.

“The part of me that’s Anne is the joyful person,” Shepherd says. “The person who is always smiling. I’m the person on set… [that] organizes the karaoke parties. I get to give the gifts that we give the crew…I’m that person that if anybody’s going through anything, I go, “What do you need me to pray about?” I’m the person that comes in the training and goes, “Good morning everybody!” I get everybody to do pushups, we dance with wild abandon, and I’m a hugger. 

Trial & Error airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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