Sherri Shepherd says she’s very much like her ‘Trial & Error’ character

Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros/NBCSherri Shepherd makes her return tonight on NBC's crime mockumentary, Trial & Error, where she will once again play researcher and paralegal Anne Flatch, a woman who suffers from various disorders.

During the first season, Shepherd's character took on a new affliction each week, like such real-life disorders as randomly speaking with a British accent, walking backwards, and being diagnosed with alien hand syndrome--where your hand essentially tries to kill you. Going into this season-- with a new murder mystery to solve-- Shepherd tells ABC Radio, they'll be plenty more disorders for her to take on.

"Second season, I've Jumping Frenchman of Maine syndrome," she says. "If I'm startled I will jump ten feet in the air. I have random dog hearing so I can hear things that bats hear. If I drink too much I'm a human combustible. So I will set myself on fire involuntarily."

She continues, "It's so many disorders. I go temporarily blind. Every time I look at the script, I go, "OK here's something new."

Although her quirky character seems very much unlike the bubbly comedian, Shepherd says she and Anne actually do have a lot in common.

"The part of me that's Anne is the joyful person," Shepherd says. "The person who is always smiling. I'm the person on set... [that] organizes the karaoke parties. I get to give the gifts that we give the crew...I'm that person that if anybody's going through anything, I go, "What do you need me to pray about?" I'm the person that comes in the training and goes, "Good morning everybody!" I get everybody to do pushups, we dance with wild abandon, and I'm a hugger. 

Trial & Error airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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