See Jane Fail: ‘The Bold Type’s’ Katie Stevens talks what’s next for her character

Freeform/Ed Herrera(NEW YORK) — On last week’s two-hour season premiere of The Bold Type, we saw ambitious young writer Jane Sloan fail spectacularly at her cool, new digital job after leaving women’s magazine Scarlet. In tonight’s episode, actress Katie Stevens tells us we’re going to see how Jane picks up the pieces.

“I talked to the writers about how it was really important to me for Jane to fail this season because she’s such a perfectionist and I don’t think she’s ever really had an experience in her life where she has failed at a giant level,” she tells ABC Radio.

Type A Jane, as it turns out, isn’t so great at being unemployed.

“We’re gonna see her kind of try to figure out what kind of writer she is and where she feels that she belongs…but I think it’s always gonna come back to the fact of what she always knew in her gut, which is that she loves Scarlet,” Stevens says.

It’s also a plus that Jane’s two best friends, Sutton and Kat — played by Meghann Fahy and Aisha Dee, respectively — still work there. Stevens says the trio is such good friends in real life that some of their inside jokes actually make it into the show.

“We say, ‘That’s gonna be a no from me, dawg,’ and the girls say that because I was on American Idol and it’s Randy Jackson,” Stevens says. “So there are minor little things that make it into the show that are from things that we make fun of each other or we make jokes in real life and we think they’re hysterical so we try to fit them into the show.” 

The Bold Type airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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