‘Saved by the Bell’ turns 30: Top 5 most memorable episodes

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty ImagesPrepare to feel old: Saved by the Bell officially came out 30 years ago Tuesday.

The show ran for four seasons and became a Saturday morning sensation that influenced an entire generation.

And with it now being introduced on Hulu and other streaming services, millions are getting a chance to either check out the show for the first time or relive their youth through Zack, Kelly, Slater and the rest of the gang.

Here are five of the series’ best episodes:

1. “Jessie’s Song”

After feeling the pressure of her singing group and school tests, Jessie turns to caffeine pills. In a now-iconic scene, Jessie breaks down in front of her best friend, Zack, and says, “I’m so excited, I’m so excited … I’m so scared!”

2. “Fake IDs”

Zack, Slater and Screech all make fake IDs to go to a hot new over-18 club, The Attic. But Zack sees his arch-enemy, Jeff — the man Kelly left him for — cheating on her. He must decide whether to leave it alone or tell Kelly the truth.

3. “No Hope with Dope”

When a star comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug PSA, everyone is swooning. But when Dakota tries to get the gang to smoke weed, they turn him down — and then the gang all shoots a “no hope with dope” commercial.

4. “Dancing to the Max”

At a dance-off happening at the Max — hosted by the iconic Casey Kasem — Lisa and Screech steal the show whenr she sprains her ankle and creates a whole new move called “the sprain.”

5. “Rockumentary”

In this trippy dream episode, Zack imagines he and the gang are in a band. The band rockets to fame, but egos get out of hand, especially for Zack, the band’s namesake.

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