Patriotic quadruplets head home in time for Independence Day

Texas Medical Center(HOUSTON) — A Houston couple who welcomed quadruplets early last month brought their babies home swaddled in patriotic style.

These little bundles were decked out in stars and stripes ahead of their first Fourth of July celebration.

The Agi children were born to parents Linda and Thomas on June 1 at Texas Medical Center. The photo was taken a few days later.

The three girls, draped in stripes, are: Mercy-Grace, Adriel and Amaris; their brother, decked out in stars, is Zephanih.

According to ABC station KTRK in Houston, two of the babies were less than three pounds at the time of their birth, while two others weighed just under four pounds.

Linda told KTRK she is thrilled to take her four babies home, and for the excellent care she said she received since their birth.

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