Only “Fair Terms” allowed on this week’s episode of “Empire”

Chuck Hodes/Fox Broadcasting Co.(LOS ANGELES) — This week’s episode of Empire, titled “Fair Terms” and directed by cast member Jussie Smollett, picks up right where the previous episode left off, with Cookie paying a visit to her estranged mother, Renee, played by Alfre Woodard. Here are some more highlights from the pivotal episode: 

— Cookie, Lucious and the rest of the Lyon clan make an appearance at Shyne’s funeral. Lucious gives a heartfelt speech, while Andre catches a glimpse of Anika. Becky asks Hakeem if he’d be interested in starring in a movie. He agrees. Eddie shows up to pay his respects and tries to convince Lucious to reconsider the Kelly Patel deal.  

— Hakeem arrives on set, but doesn’t exactly get along with his new co-star, Haven Quinn, played byCassie, right away. 

— Andre tries to make amends with Nessa and Lucious attempts to broker a music deal with Nessa. She asks Lucious if he knows who killed Shyne and he tells her that he will find out.  

— Eddie asks Anika to find every bad deed committed by every artist with a 20 for 20 deal.  

— Hakeem is fired from his new acting gig after confronting the movie’s director about some of his racist statements towards him. 

— Cookie and Renee have a confrontation after a small family dinner.  

— Haven and Hakeem share a kiss during Tiana’s performance at a special Empire soiree. Renee meets her grandsons, Hakeem, Andre and Jamal, for the first time. Someone leaks a photo showing a young Blake as a neo-Nazi, which riles up the crowd. Blake tells Hakeem and Becky that the photo is real and that his father forced him to take it.

— Eddie makes a statement to the press about Blake’s controversial photo, which sets Lucious off. 

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