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LOGAN – Many Cache Valley homemakers are likely among the three million followers of the Six Sisters Stuff blog which shares favorite recipes, travel tips and ideas on fitness and style.

Five of the six Adamson sisters from Layton attended Utah State University. Recently, daughter number two — Kristen — moved to Cache Valley with her husband, pain management doctor Ammon Hills and their four children.

She said their popular blog grew from time in their favorite room with mom.

”That was our special place, the kitchen,” Hills explained. “We’d always sit on the bar stools and watch our mom cook or go help her cook in the kitchen and that was just our place where we would eat snacks and just talk for hours and hours.”

The idea for a blog was a way for the sisters to communicate with each other as their families moved to other parts of the country and phone bills grew out of control.

As followers came aboard their approach changed.

”Before, when we first started, it was just throw whatever recipe (together). But now, it’s very strategic from what goes on with Google so we get the most views on our website.”

Starting out nine years ago she said they would shoot all the videos themselves.

”Now we have a team who, once a month, we get together and we’ll film a lot of recipes just in one sitting. And then we also have an editor who will edit all the videos for us now. So we’ve figured things out…what we’re really good at, we will do, and what we’re not really good at, we’ll hire out.”

Kristen said they don’t claim to be amazing chefs, they just know the importance of feeding your family a home-cooked meal and sitting down to eat it together. You can learn more about the sisters on their website

AUDIO: Interview with Kristin Hills

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