A few weeks ago, because of the pandemic, many families adjusted how to celebrate with their high school graduate.   A late addition will also feature a different way of celebrating, with a drive-by with signs and posters, decorated vehicles, or just folks driving by honking and waving.  The key difference is the age of this graduate.

LaRon Falslev  is 92-years-old and lives at Blacksmith Fork Assisted Living and just received his G.E.D. High School diploma.  On KVNU’s For the People program on Tuesday, Chris Sorenson of the assisted living center talked about the upcoming event.

“You know, traditionally if we had an event like this, even a year ago, we would’ve had a big graduation ceremony here at our community, but with COVID-19 we’re not able to do that.  So we’re returning to something a little bit more distant, which is going to be a graduation parade, a drive-by parade.  What we’re going to be doing is on Thursday, the 25th, at 6 o’clock  P.M., we’re going to have a drive-by celebratory parade in LaRon Falslev’s honor,” Sorenson said.

So they are inviting everyone to drive by the center at 680 East Main in Hyrum(next to Ridley’s)

“We invite people to be creative, make some posters, make some signs, or at the very least, drive-by and honk and wave to LaRon.  We’re going to be set up outside on the north side of our building right there on Main street.”

Decades ago, because LaRon’s brother joined the military, Falslev was needed to stay at home to help on the farm and was never able to get his diploma.  His daughter, Judy Davis, said it was something he always wanted to get.

It’s really important to him, he said he’s really wanted it bad all these years.  So to him it’s a goal that he’s wanted to get, never thought he’d get it.  Then he did,” she said.

You can find more information on the Facebook page for Blacksmith Fork Assisted Living.

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