Logan clarifies what can be tossed in blue recycling containers – Cache Valley Daily

LOGAN – The City of Logan would like to remind residents that curbside recycling is still available in Cache County.

Logan City Conservation Coordinator Emily Malik said, “recycling is going through a redesign right now” and while cities in Utah adapt and adjust she wants Cache Valley residents to know there are items you can still toss in your blue cans.

The city clarifies what is and is not accepted in curbside bins on its Facebook page and recycle.loganutah.org.

Here are a few tips: You can recycle paper, cardboard, metal beverage cans, metal food cans, plastic containers labeled #1 (mostly beverage or food containers) and plastic containers labeled #2 (mostly milk jugs) in your blue recycling containers. Logan City does not accept things like plastic bags, plastic #3-7, pizza boxes, any plastic film, clothing, styrofoam, or garbage in the recycling containers.

Last year, the city eliminated all of the free cardboard drop sites around the valley except for the one at the transfer station. Malik stressed you can still put cardboard in your recycling container or drop it off at the transfer station.

She added that recycling from curbside containers is taken to Mountain Fiber, a private recycling facility in Hryum. No recycling goes to the transfer station.

China used to be a big purchaser of recycling material, but they have taken themselves out of the game, no longer a player in the recycling of plastics and fiber. Cities around the country now struggle to find buyers for materials, explained Malik.

The good news, she said, “I do see things changing and us finding ways to recycle things in the United States and markets opening back up again.”  But she admits it may take a few years.

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