Leslie Jones says she’s taking a break from “the world” after claiming to be disrespected by black men

Kailey Fellows/NBCIt’s apparently been a tough week for Leslie Jones.

After calling out Jessica Alba‘s Honest Company for “not doing good” business earlier, the Saturday Night Live star went on Twitter with another grievance.

“When young men especially black men (yea I said it) talk to me like I’m some dumb B***!” Jones wrote. “It makes me want to stomp a mudhole in they a**. That is all. #imabouttoshowthesefoolsthecomptoninmyheart.”

After sharing her apparent frustrations with men, Jones told her fans and followers she’s decided to take a much needed mental break.

“This week has been f***ed up and emotional angering and just plain exhausting,” she tweeted. “I disappear now into my tv programs. F*** the world for a minute!!Goodbye! #b****ineedabrainbreak.”

No word on how long Jones’ break will last.

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