‘Is There Still Sex in the City?’ Author Candace Bushnell in talks to bring her new book to TV

Grove Press(NEW YORK) — More than 20 years after Candace Bushnell gave the world a glimpse into the sex lives of women in their 30s with her novel-turned-hit HBO show Sex and the City, the author is back with a follow-up of sorts.

Bushnell’s new book, Is There Still Sex in the City?, explores the dating lives of women in their 50s. She calls it Middle-Aged Madness, or MAM — a process in which women really have to “reinvent” themselves.

“For me going through my 50s, it really reminded me of the same time as when I started writing Sex and the City and it felt like a time of uncharted territory and a time that nobody had ever really talked about before,” Bushnell, 60, tells ABC Radio.

It’s no surprise that this book is becoming a TV series as well. The show is still in its early stages, but Bushnell is excited to once again bring her own experiences to the screen.

“It’s a great opportunity to continue the conversation because in the book Is There Still Sex in the City? I definitely did not cover all of the things that I could have covered and there were a lot of other things to write about in other stories,” she says. “So I’m just really excited to be able to keep telling these stories in this world.”

Is There Still Sex in the City? is out now.

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