Heather Locklear arrested for punching cop; kicking EMT after disturbance call

Ventura County Sherriff’s Department(LOS ANGELES) — Once again, Heather Locklear is in serious trouble with the law.

ABC News has confirmed that the 56-year-old actress is behind bars at Ventura County, CA, Main Jail. She was arrested and charged Sunday night with misdemeanor battery upon a police officer, and misdemeanor battery on an emergency services technician.

According to Ventura County cops, Locklear was “heavily intoxicated,” and at the center of a domestic situation at her home when cops were called. She reportedly battered an officer who was trying to separate her from her family, and kicked an EMT in the chest; the first responder was trying to medically clear the actress before she could be taken to jail. Neither the cop nor the EMT was injured.

Locklear was brought under control, and then taken to the jail. She has a court date Tuesday.

The arrest comes a week after Locklear was put under an involuntary psychiatric hold following a domestic situation in which she was accused of assaulting her parents.

In February, she was busted on charges of felony domestic violence as well as three counts of battery on emergency personnel.  At that time, she was allegedly drunk and belligerent when officers showed up during an argument the actress was having with her boyfriend.

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