First Look: Tim Burton’s live-action “Dumbo” takes flight

Disney(LOS ANGELES) — Director Tim Burton is giving fans a peek at Dumbo, the latest in a series of blockbuster live-action re-imaginings of Disney animated classics. This follows 2015’s Cinderella, 2016’s The Jungle Book and last year’s Beauty and the Beast in 2017.

The snippet gives hints of the plot, in which Burton’s Batman Returns baddie Danny DeVito stars as the owner of a struggling circus, who tells a former star performer, played by Colin Farrell, to raise a newborn elephant with particularly big ears.

The performer and his children soon learn the playful pachyderm has a special power: he can fly. The movie, which also stars Burton’s Batman, Michael Keaton, opens March 29, 2019.

Other live-action offerings from Disney include Aladdin, starring Will Smith as Genie, which opens in May of 2019 and The Lion King, with Donald Glover and Beyonce voicing Simba and Nala, which opens in July of the same year. 

A re-imagining of The Little Mermaid opens August 17 of this year. 

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