Denzel Washington delivers justice in new trailer for “The Equalizer 2”

Photo Credit: Glen Wilson; ©2017 CTMG, Inc. All rights reserved.(LOS ANGELES) -- There's a new trailer for The Equalizer 2. Denzel Washington reprises his role as Robert McCall, now a Lyft driver who safely delivers his passengers to their destinations -- that is, until he needs to deliver some sweet justice, door-to-door.

The latest trailer showing McCall getting even with some yuppies who assaulted a female passenger -- with bloody results.

He's also out to avenge the death of his former colleague and friend, Susan Plummer, played by Melissa Leo. “I punish the guilty," McCall says in a voiceover.

"If you’re lucky, they give you the opportunity to do the right thing.  This ain’t one of those times.” The Equalizer 2 opens nationwide July 20.

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