COWBOY POETRY: Paying it Forward

Source: CVDaily Feed

I’d just turned forty-seven when I was fired from my work. My boss seemed out of sorts with me. My first thought, “What a jerk!”

I wondered what had gotten his britches in a heap. Could it be that I had told him to take a flying leap?

Now out of work and short on cash and feeling like a fool, I took a giant leap of faith and registered for school.

I thought I’d tackle nursing. Not surprising, if you know how much good nurses helped my son. A massive debt I owe.

I’d like to pay it forward, try to help as they helped me. But the first thing that I’d have to do is get that darn degree.

So nursing was the course I chose. I’d seen how nurses cared. I sent the application, but inside I was scared.

Terri went with me to register, to help me feel at ease. The lady at the counter said, “Your daughter’s full name please.”

So I quickly introduced her to my youthful better half. Her face turned crimson red and my wife got quite a laugh.

We found my rooms, then paid my fees and purchased all my books. That day I felt the book store folks were all a bunch of crooks.

This cowboy hadn’t been to school for almost thirty years. I hoped that I could make the grade and conquer all my fears.

My life had been the great outdoors. Now I’m seeing just four walls. How could I ever sit all day? And what if nature calls?

Right then, I felt so trapped I was about to cut and run. Would I ever meet this daunting task while feeling under the gun?

I asked the lord, “I need some help. Do you have some time to spare? I don’t want to bother you so I guess that is my prayer.”

Soon I’m sitting in a classroom with kids not half my age and trying hard to understand what’s there on every page.

The first day I had algebra. It looked like Greek to me. My teacher said, “Just work hard. It gets easier, you’ll see.”

I made my mind up then and there. I’d pass this class and more. I think some help came from above. That part I can’t ignore.

I can’t say it was easy, and I’m glad it’s in the past. But the hours of daily homework really seemed to fly by fast.

Well, life is mostly just routine and schooling fit right in. Is college meant for everyone? For me it was a win.

If I had the chance to change my life I wouldn’t change a bit. Each part is what I am today. It’s all a perfect fit.

If you’re young and thinking school, you’d be wise to pursue it. It’s easier when you’re young and free. So go ahead. Just do it.