COWBOY POETRY: Not Your Everyday Band

Source: CVDaily Feed

Our grandson lives in Libby, a full day’s drive away. The mountains of Montana keep this town all tucked away.

Libby is a logging town that’s nestled in the trees. It’s not a place you’d happen on. Getting there is not a breeze.

Our grandson loves to play football and would do it every day. So we headed out a day ago to watch our young man play.

The Libby Loggers is his team. The whole town lends support. It doesn’t matter what or when, they’re up for any sport.

We drove up to the field, then we sat down in the stand. Saw a few familiar faces, but I didn’t see a band.

My son, who sat right by me said, “Oh yes we’ve got one Dad. You’ll see before this game is done. They’re really not too bad.”

Our grandson caught the kickoff, then he bolted down the line. He made it to the end zone! I was up there on cloud nine.

But then I heard a deafening roar. I jumped! I dropped my jaw! I whirled and saw Steve Snyder crank up his old chain saw.

Snyder revved his chain saw up with two more down below. Could this really be the Logger’s band? All I could say was, “Whoa!”

Chain saws at a football game? Do these guys have any brains? My son replied,

“Don’t worry dad. They’ve taken off the chains.”

They almost played in unison. Did I hear a melody? But music from an old chain saw is a stretch too far to see.

Everyone was laughing. I had been so terrified. I’m glad I have a healthy heart. If not, I could have died.

The Libby Loggers won the game. Our grandson scored once more. Those chain saws played each time they scored. I left impressed, for sure.

So if you want to feel school spirit, go see a Libby game. And once you’ve heard those Logger’s saws, you’ll never be the same.