A Sacrament Meeting with attendees spread apart (Courtesy: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

LOGAN — Local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may soon resume weekly worship services depending upon circumstances. The announcement came in a letter from the church’s top leaders, almost six months after local meetings were cancelled and temples worship was halted due to the spread of the coronavirus.

A letter Friday from the church’s First Presidency stated, weekly worship can resume immediately if approved by area leaders. Beginning in November, larger gatherings known as stake conferences may be held with careful social distancing or virtually.

In May, the church allowed services to resume on a limited basis. Many local congregations have been holding shorter meetings, once or twice a month.

Friday’s letter advised, “depending on local conditions, and with the oversight of the bishop, weekly sacrament meetings can be held virtually, safely in person or by hybrid in-person and virtual broadcasts.” Leaders were also encouraged to continue supporting members who need to continue worshiping at home.

Other meetings, ministering interviews, activities and service projects can also be held virtually or safely in person, as local circumstances allow. Those can take place on Sundays or on others days.

In August, the Logan Temple was further reopened, allowing living ordinances to be performed, along with marriages that had been allowed previously. The change also affected nine other temples in the state.


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