Celine Dion unveils brand new collaboration with…Deadpool?

20th Century Fox/Denise Truscello(LOS ANGELES) —  After teasing new music on her socials, Celine Dion has released a new ballad called “Ashes.”  As so many of her ballads are, it’s from a movie soundtrack.  Except this movie is — Deadpool 2.

Celine gave an exclusive peek of the video to Good Morning America before releasing the entire clip online.  It begins with a familiar sight: Celine on stage, under a dramatic spotlight, belting out the song.

Then, from behind the curtain, a graceful dancer in high heels strides out. It’s Deadpool, in his trademark red-and-black super-suit, save the stilettos.

As the song swells, clips from the superhero movie sequel are shown, intercut with Deadpool performing all kinds of balletic moves, which makes us doubt that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds was the one inside the costume for those shots.

Eventually, Celine ends the song, so moved that she’s lying on the floor. “That was amazing!” says Deadpool, who’s now sitting in the audience. “We need to do it again!”

“OK,” says Celine.  “Why?”

“It was too good,” DP notes. “This isn’t Titanic. This is Deadpool 2. You’re at an 11. We need you at a five, five-and-a-half, tops. Just phone it in.”

“This thing,” Dion says, gesturing to her voice, “only goes to 11! So beat it, Spider-Man!”

Deadpool then mumbles under his breath, “I knew I should have gotten *NSNYC.”

Deadpool 2 opens May 18.  “Ashes” is available now.

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