Carol Burnett teams up with kids to give grown-ups “A Little Help” on new Netflix series

Netflix(NEW YORK) — Comedy legend Carol Burnett isn’t kidding around with her latest project. But she is enlisting the help of some kids.

In the new Netflix series A Little Help with Carol Burnett, Burnett has assembled a group of kids ages 5 to 9 to dole out advice to some famous grown-ups, including Taraji P. Henson, Candace Cameron Bure and DJ Khaled.

“That’s the perfect age because they don’t censor themselves yet,” she says of the children, laughing, “You know, they’re not jaded like you get when they’re 11 or 12.”

Burnett — who hosts the unscripted show along with comedian Russell Peters — says the kids were brutally honest, surprisingly wise and even taught her some new lingo, like the phrase “Stay woke.”

“Now I’m being told by some of the kids that it’s passé already to say that, so I don’t know what the latest thing is,” the 85-year-old says. “But also, instead of learning anything I think I was just so happy to be around that innocence.”

So did the kids realize just who Carol Burnett was? Not quite.

“If they didn’t before, I’m sure their parents kind of told them,” Burnett says. “A lot of them knew some of the celebrities. And it was a kick for me because all of the celebrities who came on, I had never met before — like Lisa Kudrow and Wanda Sykes and people like that.”

All 12 half-hour episodes of A Little Help with Carol Burnett debut on Netflix today.

While Burnett has appeared steadily on TV for decades, the Netflix show marks her first actual series for the small screen since 1991’s revival of The Carol Burnett Show.

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