Campus tensions escalate in season 2 of “Dear White People”

Netflix/Adam Rose(NEW YORK) — Dear White People kicked off season 2 Friday on Netflix, and the students of Winchester University are coping with more problems on campus, including whether races will mix in the black students’ dorm.

“We end season 1 with the curious question, ‘Will Armstrong Parker be integrated?’ post-protest, post-Troybama breaking a window and going to jail — well, school jail,” Logan Browning, who portrays Samantha White, tells ABC Radio.

“Sam is coming into season 2 caught up in all that mess,” she adds, ”with a lot of the blame from the protest, it happening, tensions on campus.”

Ashley Blaine Featherson, who portrays Joelle Brooks, says season 2 is about the students attempting to grow.

“An overarching theme, I think, this season is everyone’s just trying to get better,” she says, “and live their best lives and free themselves and whatever feels like has been weighing them down.”

For Antoinette Robertson, who stars as Coco, the new season finds many of the students dealing with the pressure of rising expectations from the outside.

“It feels like everyone has a space that the world expects them, like a sub-category,” she says, “that the world expects them to adhere to, whether it be Lionel, whether it be Sam, whether it be Coco or Joelle. And not allowing outwardly forces to create any kind of a bias or influence the decisions that they’re making.” 

Based on the 2014 film of the same name, Dear White People tells the story of a unique group of students of color who experience campus life at a fictional Ivy League university dominated by white students.  

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