CACHE COUNTY – On Aug. 28, the Cache County Council voted to extend the deadline for local residents to request tax relief from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30.

“We realize there are times when tax relief is needed,” said Diana Schaeffer, the deputy chief auditor of Cache County. “Our office is honored to help members of our community who have questions about these tax relief programs.”

In 2019, Cache County awarded nearly $1 million in property tax relief to approximately 848 qualifying residents, according to Schaeffer.

The deputy auditor explained that tax relief options include programs for property owners facing financial hardship, for blind residents and for military service members on active duty and disabled veterans.

Under guidelines posted on the county website, the income-base tax relief options are the Homeowner’s Tax Credit (or Circuit Breaker) and Indigent (Hardship) programs.

“The circuit breaker is aimed at helping low-income, elderly tax-payers and full-year residents older than 66 with a gross annual income of less than $34,167,” Schaeffer said.

“Hardship assistance is handled on a case-by case basis,” she added. “In addition to income verification, each applicant must provide proof of extreme hardship or medical disability. Hardship cases will be reviewed by the Cache County Council.”

The program for blind residents exempts the first $11,500 of property from taxation. Applicants must submit a completed application and a statement from a licensed ophthalmologist certifying legal blindness.

The military programs are not income-based, but do require documents proving eligibility.

“The active duty program is for those currently serving in the military who can provide evidence of ‘qualifying active duty’,” Schaeffer said. “That means 200 or more days in any continuous 365-day period.”

Applicants for the disabled veteran program must submit a certificate of discharge (a Department of Defense Form DD-214) and a military statement listing the percentage of service-related disability along with a completed application form.

Schaeffer added that all tax relief applications must be submitted on an annual basis, with the exception of the disabled veteran’s exemption, which only has to be resubmitted if there is a change of circumstances.

Application forms can be picked up at the Auditor’s Office (Suite 102/103) in the Cache County Administration Building at 179 North Main St. or from the auditor’s website at www.

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