Brad Pitt fires back at Angelina Jolie; claims to have paid more than $1.3 million in child support

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — After Angelina Jolie claimed in court documents earlier this week that her estranged husband, Brad Pitt, hadn’t paid “meaningful” formal child support since their split about two years ago, the actor’s attorneys fired back in a new filing of their own Wednesday, asserting that Pitt has contributed more than $1.3 million in bills for Jolie and their six children and loaned the actress $8 million to help her buy her current home.

In the court documents, obtained by Good Morning America, Pitt’s lawyers also contend that at a hearing last week, Jolie’s attorney did not mention any child support issues and claim that asking to schedule a new hearing on the subject is “calculated to increase conflict.”

Pitt’s lawyers also slammed Jolie’s filing as a “thinly-veiled effort to manipulate media coverage.”

In response, Jolie’s attorney, Samantha Bley DeJean, released a statement Wednesday on the actress’ behalf, calling Jolie’s requests “both legally appropriate and factually accurate.”

“What has been filed by Brad’s side today is a blatant attempt to obfuscate the truth and distract from the fact that he has not fully met his legal obligations to support the children,” DeJean said. 

She goes on to explain that the $1.3 million Pitt mentions in his filing was a loan given to Jolie to buy a new home after they split. “A loan is not, however, child support,” DeJean declared.

“Angelina is asking Brad to pay 50% of the children’s expenses.  He has not,” the statement goes on. “Angelina has had to shoulder the majority of those without his contribution for the past two years. Child support is not optional in California.”

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