Bryce Angell is a cowboy poet. Angell was raised on a farm/ranch in the St. Anthony, Idaho area with approximately 75 head of horses. Horses remain an important part of Angell’s life.

Angell shares his poetry with Cache Valley Daily every Friday.

Aunt Bonnie lived at Henry’s Lake when she was twelve years old. It seemed the
north wind always kept the lake a freezing cold.

Well Bonnie loved to go to school but didn’t like Miss Glass. Miss Glass was quite
a portly gal and ate while teaching class.

Miss Glass was not a fisherman but liked to eat fresh fish. She liked the fish from
Henry’s Lake. They were her favorite dish.

One day Miss Glass asked Bonnie, “Sure would like some rainbow trout?” She
said, “It’s been the longest year of fish I’ve gone without.”

Well Bonnie said, “I’ll help you ‘cuz we live right by the lake. I’ll show you how to
catch some fish. It’ll be a piece of cake.”

Right after school Miss Glass and Bonnie walked down to the boat. But Bonnie
noticed that Miss Glass had on her long wool coat.

Bonnie said, “A long wool coat is warm out in the snow. But way out here on
Henry’s Lake, there’s something you should know.

“Your fur will soak up water, then you won’t stay up and float. Don’t ever fish
while standing. You’ll be swimming with cutthroat.”

Miss Glass said, “I’m a swimmer,” then she shot a nasty look. “Your job will be to
row the boat. Make sure you bait my hook!“

Each time Miss Glass cast out her line she stood up in the craft. Bonnie hollered,
“Better sit. This ain’t a floating raft!”

The next time Bonnie saw her stand the boat just tipped a bit. Miss Glass went in
the water. Bonnie said, “She didn’t sit.”

Then Bonnie handed her an oar, but couldn’t pull her in. She tied the teacher to
the boat and couldn’t help but grin.

She rowed the boat back to the shore. Miss Glass was now in tow. Henry’s Lake
was freezing, must have felt like ten below.

Well Bonnie helped the teacher warm up by the fireplace. And Grandpa Angell
mused, “I see you put her in her place.”

The next day Grandma Angell asked, “How is Miss Glass today?” Then Bonnie
answered with a smile. “Miss Glass has moved away!”

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