Armie Hammer tries to become a real New Yorker as he makes Broadway debut

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(NEW YORK) — Armie Hammer is living the New York City life this summer. The L.A.-based actor has been prepping for his Broadway debut in Straight White Men, which officially opens tonight.

But in between perfecting his craft on stage, he’s also been perfecting his best Robert DeNiro/Taxi Driver impression on his way to becoming a true New Yorker.

“I slapped a cab in a crosswalk and did the whole like, ‘I’m walkin’ here!’” he tells ABC Radio. “I did one of those and I was like, I’m not sure if that makes me a fake New Yorker or a real New Yorker.”

Aggressive taxi cabs aside, Hammer says it’s been a great summer so far. His wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their two young children have joined him for his adventure in the Big Apple.

As for the play, Hammer stars alongside Josh Charles and Paul Schneider as brothers forced to confront their own identities.

“It’s been amazing,” he says of being on stage. “It’s a totally different animal than doing film. There’s a huge sense of immediate gratification, ‘cause you go up, you do this show in front of a live audience and it’s there.”

You can catch Straight White Men on Broadway now, or see Hammer in his latest film currently in theaters, Sorry to Bother You.

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