Amy Schumer interrupts comedian’s set to practice her “SNL” monologue

ABC/Heidi Gutman(NEW YORK) — (NOTE LANGUAGE) Amy Schumer reportedly flexed her notoriety to get stage time at a comedy club Tuesday night. 

Since the comedian is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, she went to Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York to practice her opening monologue, but there was one issue: up-and-coming comedian Brendan Sagalow was already on stage performing his first headlining show. 

That didn’t stop Schumer from requesting stage time, reports Page Six. In a since-deleted Instagram video, Schumer is heard screaming from the audience, “Brendan! It’s Amy Schumer, can I do 10 minutes really quick?”

Sagalow responded, “Of course,” and gracefully left the stage and let Schumer perform her potential SNL monologue. He then finished his set when she was done. 

Sagalow — whose family and friends were in the audience to see him perform — talked abut the experience on his podcast, The Stupid Little Podcast.

“I had no other reaction… when I’m walking off I’m like, ‘OK …’ But I’m actually happy — I’m like, ‘This is a good thing! This is a great thing!’” he said. “Everybody thinks I’m friends with Amy, she knows my name, she said she follows me on Instagram, which she mentioned. She said she ‘loves Brendan as a comic.’ She doesn’t. You put the quarter in, you play the game.”

He later told Page Six, “I’m happy I could give Amy the time on my show. A lot of people thought it was a s****y move on her part to interrupt me…but I thought it was awesome. It didn’t throw me off one bit, I know what I’m doing on stage.”

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