Mark Anthony Delgado, suspected of taking 6-year-old girl from her mother in Park City (Photo: Summit County Sheriff)

PARK CITY — An Amber Alert has been issued for 6-year-old Chanzi Delgado from Park City. She is alleged to be with her non-custodial father, 49-year-old Mark Anthony Delgado.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office reports Chanzi Delgado is 4-foot, 1-inches tall, and weighs 92 pounds. The girl has shoulder-length brown hair, brown eyes and was last seen wearing grey sweats pajamas with purple Lilo & Stitch unicorn on them. The girl is missing her four top front teeth – all have silver caps. Her right pointer finger has deformity from a previous injury.

6-year-old girl missing out of Park City is said to be with 49-year-old Mark Delgado, who may be driving a black 2007 GMC Yukon shown here. (Photo: Summit County Sheriff)

Deputies claim Mark Delgado is Hispanic, 5-feet, 2-inches tall, and weighs approximately 150 pounds. The man has brown hair and a shaved bald head. He is said to be driving a black 2007 GMC Yukon XL with Utah license plate number 8G4PP. The vehicle is said to have aftermarket chrome rims.

The Amber Alert was issued Tuesday afternoon to residents throughout the state.

The sheriff’s office stated in a press release that the girl was intentionally taken from her mother by her estranged father after he requested to get back together with her mother “to work out their relationship.”

Mark Delgado went to South Dakota four days ago and brought the child and mother to a friend’s residence in Summit County to reconcile their relationship. He then left the residence with the child to “run errands” in a borrowed vehicle at 8 a.m., Tuesday morning, the news release stated.

Delgado and the child never returned but the mother received a Facebook message from the father of her girl saying he was taking her to Los Angeles out of retribution for making him suffer from not seeing her for the last four years.

Deputies provided a court order from the Indian Child Welfare Division out of South Dakota, which states the child’s grandmother was awarded temporary custody of the girl in August 2019. Delgado does not have legal custody of his daughter and the sheriff’s office has reason to believe she was abducted by him and in imminent danger, the press release stated.

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